Sirocco’s Hatchday Wish

Happy Hatchday Sirocco!
Help celebrate Sirocco’s hatchday by supporting future kākāpō chicks.

After a rough start to life 21 years ago with a respiratory illness that meant he had to be hand reared and led him to imprint on humans as a chick, Sirocco is now world-famous, with an international fanbase, huge online following, celebrity interviews and is a national treasure. We are celebrating Sirocco’s 21st hatchday by sharing our favourite moments, photos and videos of him and encouraging his fans to join in and wish him a happy hatchday. Join us online with the hashtag #Sirocco21 to help us celebrate!

A 21st hatchday is a big milestone for a bird who at three weeks of age didn’t have much of a chance. Without around the clock care from our dedicated rangers Sirocco would not have survived. Ongoing support from people like yourself helps to make sure that we can continue to provide the best possible care for every chick, just like we did for Sirocco all those years ago.

Rather than presents, though Sirocco is partial to the odd macadamia or piece of corn, we’re asking you donate a small amount to the programme. With a big breeding season currently predicted for 2019, your support will help the season’s chicks get the best start to life and will make a big difference to kākāpō conservation.

Just $3 will make a difference. Use the form below to donate now, or other donation methods can be found here. Thank you for your support!


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