About Kākāpō

Nothing can prepare you for a meeting with a kākāpō. They are, without doubt, one of the most remarkable birds in the world ...


About Kākāpō Recovery

Kākāpō Recovery combines the efforts of scientists, rangers and volunteers, who are charged with looking after the last 124 kākāpō in the world. ...


Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer on the islands where kākāpō live occur during the summer months (November to March). ...



Get Involved. Help us save the world's rarest parrot. There are several ways you can donate to Kākāpō Recovery and no amount is too small! ...


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  • This is a shout out to all our Kakapo Recovery supporters and beyond. We're keen to know if there's a "smart egg" out there or someone who could develop one for us! What we need is an egg that mimics one about to hatch, with movement and "cheeps"...it's for kakapo mums whose eggs are being incubated. We replace them in the nest with dummy eggs but at the moment, we have no way of preparing the mums for the moment the dummy egg becomes a real chick! We're keen to give them some signals so that it's not such a surprise and they can be ready to mother straight away... If you can help, please contact us at kakaporecovery@doc.govt.nz