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Nothing can prepare you for a meeting with a kākāpō. They are, without doubt, one of the most remarkable birds in the world ...


About Kākāpō Recovery

Kākāpō Recovery combines the efforts of scientists, rangers and volunteers, who are charged with looking after the last 124 kākāpō in the world. ...


Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer on the islands where kākāpō live occur during the summer months (November to March). ...



Get Involved. Help us save the world's rarest parrot. There are several ways you can donate to Kākāpō Recovery and no amount is too small! ...


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  • We've just spent a wonderful lunchtime sharing Kakapo Recovery stories with three of the 'original' crew of the 1970s and 1980s! Seated in front (from left) are original researcher Margaret Shepard, and the man to find the first female kakapo, Gary 'Arab' Aburn, who is still sporting his famous beard! In the middle of the back row is Allan "Nog' Munn, who is now our boss :)
    They're pictured with the mainly office-based members of the current team: Scientist Andrew Digby (back row left), and logistics ranger Lou Parker (back row right). In the front row, beside Arab is programme manager Deidre Vercoe, then me and senior kakapo ranger Jo Ledington.
    An awesome day for us young ones!