Adopt Rangi

You can support Kākāpō Recovery by “adopting” a Kākāpō Silver for NZD250. Your adoption directly benefits the continued care and nurturing of all the world’s remaining kākāpō.

Rangi’s silver adoption package includes  :

  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Medium Kākāpō Plushie
  • Bookmarks
  • Stickers

First discovered: Stewart Island, 1981

Named After: The Maōri word meaning ‘sky’

Rangi, the grand pappy kākāpō, seems to be related to most birds (Sirocco’s grandad). He was transferred to Codfish Island in 1987, where he promptly went into hiding. Rangi was rediscovered in 2009, after a ranger heard an unidentified bird booming, more than 21 years after he went missing.

Even today Rangi proves difficult to catch and will run away from rangers when he hears them approaching.

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