Working with Auckland Zoo


Auckland Zoo continue to be great supporters of Kākāpō Recovery.  As our veterinary partner, the team at the New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine (NZCCM) are important collaborators in our research efforts on a number of health issues such as cloacitis (“crusty bum”) and Vitamin D in kākāpō.

James Chatterton holds Bluster-Murphy during a recent check up

The NZCCM team also provides hospital care and treatment for sick or injured kākāpō as and when needed.  Read about kākāpō ranger Jenny Rickett’s visit to NZCCM with kākāpō Wharetutu.  


Not only do the NZCCM provide this quality service on site, but members of the team also don a heavy pack and get their boots muddy on the kākāpō islands from time to time – all in the name of kākāpō conservation!  Recently, Senior Vet Manager James Chatterton joined the kākāpō team on Whenua Hou while cloacitis checks were being carried out.  Check out this short clip showing just how much effort this team put in to support the work.


Another way the Zoo supports kākāpō is through the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund. Since 2013, this fund has contributed significantly to the kākāpō work on Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island.  With this important long term kākāpō breeding trial taking place in the Zoo’s ‘neighbourhood’ of the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland Zoo staff have been a part of the field team – helping to change transmitters or monitor nests. With the Hauturu kākāpō population increase, it’s fantastic to have such skilled supporters nearby.