Tim Raemaekers

tim-and-hokonui-rebecca-hohnhold-resizeI first learned about the kākāpō story as a student back in Scotland, and right from the start my imagination was captured by this unique and mysterious parrot.

I came to New Zealand as a volunteer working on a DOC kiwi programme and later did some forest bird monitoring.  It didn’t take too long before I volunteered with the kākāpō programme as a nest-minder in the big breeding season of 2009. That was a demanding but incredible experience. A few months later I was lucky enough to get a job as a kākāpō ranger.   I fell in love with the islands and the kākāpō and I’ve been here ever since.

There’s not much to beat cresting a hilltop on these beautiful islands, listening to the varied birdsong during the day or the deep soft boom of kākāpō at night. It always stays interesting because you meet such a wide range of people and I am continuously learning new skills all the time.  My job must be one of the most varied out there, whether it’s shining a torch through kākāpō eggs to assess their fertility, rearing chicks, tinkering with a complaining generator, learning new computer software or driving the boat around to service our coastal stoat traps.  And of course I find it very rewarding to be making real progress in securing the future of these amazing birds.



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