Smoko was one of the last males caught on Rakiura/Stewart Island.

He was found by team member and kākāpō indicating dog at 10am – “smoko time”, on 29 January 1991. He was aptly named, as Smoko continued to be keen on supplementary food, and would raid from his neighbour’s hoppers too. In 1994 he had to go on a diet after he reached four kilos in weight, and rarely drops below 2kg in the annual weight decline, when most other males will fall to 1.8kg.

Smoko also liked to wander, and when he lived on Maud Island, he boomed at lots of different sites. He lived on Whenua Hou till he died on 16 February 2016 as the result of a fight with another male during the breeding season. Smoko was a founder male, meaning he was found on Stewart Island and was of an unknown age.



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