Sara Larcombe

After finishing my studies in zoology and spending most of my time away with the birds – a summer working on Kapiti Island as a nature guide, a couple of field seasons counting frigatebirds on Christmas Island, monitoring a fairy prion colony off a Dunedin cliff, and volunteer stints with the kākāpō team – I’m thrilled to take on the kākāpō ranger role.

In my first couple of months on the job I have honed my radio tracking skills, and learned how to perform health checks and transmitter changes on kākāpō after tracking them down. Although I’m a kākāpō ranger it’s not all kākāpō-related work – I’ve also been involved with a translocation of south island tīeke, and spent a few weeks getting to know the takahē at the Burwood Takahē Centre.

It’s a privilege to work in places where species like kākāpō, mōhua, pāteke, and tawaki – largely unknown on the mainland – become unavoidable. I look forward to getting to know more about each kākāpō, and especially to being involved in a kākāpō breeding season.


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