Why learn/teach about Kākāpō?

Kākāpō are one of our unique birds and a precious taonga (treasure) only found in New Zealand.

These information sheets and activities accompany Meridian Energy’s Kākāpō Kingdom.

Using this resource students will learn about the ecology, challenges and the conservation of the Kākāpō.


Other great resources

Kākāpō infographic

Infographic snapshot posters

A history of Kākāpō

DOC website – Kākāpō

DOC conservation education

The Unnatural history of the Kākāpō
his full length, award winning documentary by Scott Mouat is free to view on Youtube. It’s a few years old now but a great resource for older students.

7 Species saved from extinction
hort Youtube video by SciShow showcasing seven species that humans are working to save, including the kākāpō. This was made in 2016 and provides a snapshot of our current research.

Other Kākāpō Video
ideo clips captured by the team

Interactive Kākāpō Family Tree
n upto date and complete family tree of all known kākāpō.

Colouring and Craft Activities
Kākāpō colouring in pages and lots more!

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