Deidre Vercoe

DeeNot many people would be keen to walk the tracks on the island while eight months pregnant but, along with other members of the Kākāpō Team, Deidre is happy to live and breathe kākāpō recovery.

Deidre holds everything and everyone together as the Operations Manager – Kākāpō and Takahe.

She also has a technical support role in the team, which means she has to be up to speed with all the bird monitoring programmes on the islands, and helping to implement research objectives.

During a breeding season she spends more time on the islands; participating in the Artificial Insemination programme, nest management and any artificial incubation and hand-raising that results.

Deidre started her involvement with kākāpō recovery as a Kākāpō ranger herself, in 2002. She loved the hands-on work on the islands and living with other team members and volunteers, but then jumped at a chance to take up a technical support position in the team in 2005.  In 2008 she took on the role of Operations Manager.

In 2013, following a departmental restructure, Deidre took on the challenge of managing not one, but two complex endangered species programmes.

”Being the Operations Manager for Kākāpō and Takahe keeps me absolutely flat out busy, but it’s a rewarding challenge, helping to steer the direction for both recovery programmes – and the team is simply awesome to work with!”


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