Anchor Island – Pukenui

Anchor Island/Pukenui is located in Dusky Sound, southwest Fiordland.

The first kākāpō were transferred there in 2005, following the completion of a stoat eradication programme by the Department of Conservation in 2001.

Anchor Island is significantly different from the other main kākāpō island – Whenua Hou (Codfish Island) – because it has a beech forest in addition to a rimu forest ecosystem.  While the rimu and beech forests flower at  3-5 year intervals, they are not synchronous and therefore provide years of abundant food more frequently than on Whenua Hou.

In addition, rimu fruit often fails to set in the southern climes, whereas beech seed is more likely to do so on Anchor Island.  Staff hope the kākāpō on Anchor Island will get into step with the more regular fruiting of the mixed beech and rimu forests and therefore become highly productive on this remote Fiordland island.

Anchor proved itself during the 2016 breeding eason when 20 out of the 21 adult females located there went on to breed, producing 22 nests between them as two females went on to nest twice.

The 1300ha island is part of Fiordland National Park, and is reached by helicopter from Te Anau.



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